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Originally Posted by jake_ball View Post
Sorry but by just looking at the TITLES of his videos are similar to judging a book by it's cover.

To me, he doesnt come across as a narcissist or a psychopath at all, and I have known people with those traits.

He takes/took anti-depressents, but so do a lot of nice people. Doesnt mean they are bad people.

Personally, I am looking at what he ACTUALLY says (and the way he says it as well), and how he conducts himself. I also recognise other traits that he may or may not have, and SO FAR, he comes across as a relatively humble and honest bloke who says stuff that groups such as the "feminists" dont like, so they attack him.

Listen to what he ACTUALLY says. Or dont if you dont want to.
And that's your personal opinion....which I respect
like I said he says the right things and the people he debates with will always let themselves down as they are dealing with someone better armed with psychology that knows how to get a reaction....and when not to react
But gaining trust is the first step to controlling people...
what comes next...we shall see...
What he actually says is that women and men are different and men should dominate women in order for us to be happy....hmmm

I prefer to watch what people actually do....rather than what they say
and if someone selling happiness is on antidepressants....

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