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Originally Posted by Sabrina View Post
Yes I've seen this and he always keeps his calm during interviews and wins arguments - he is a psychologist. The moment she interrupted him she lost it- it's an interview technique she was taught to place people off guard so they can't collect their thoughts.

But narcissists will let you know who they are - the majority of his talks are about narcissism, psychopaths and loads about women.
Look at the titles of his videos - they speak volumes.

"Would I ever hit a woman?' look at 2:43

If you hit Jordan Peterson and he hits you back he will kill you
- pretty sure that's word for word how my ex used to threaten me psychologically to fear him - but hey ho....

If you are clever enough to see when you are being led off the edge of a cliff by a carrot - you will see that this man actually hates women.
Look at how he met his wife - who made fun of his looks at at age 7 and bullied him - and he hasn't let that go - he married her years later - but the way he spoke about her as a child I didn't find endearing at all - more like he wanted to get his own back on her.

I've been duped by a narcissist before when I was young and naive and I am very good at trusting my instincts these days - mark my words - this guy will be found out one day - meanwhile look at the people he is 'debating' with and what values he really stands for.

The truth is not at face value it is deeper within....
at face value he is a great lecturer with good solid arguments....deeper within a narcissist with an agenda that is not very nice...

By the way - he takes he isn't happy is he...

That's why I formed my personal opinion and no longer watch him....
Sorry but by just looking at the TITLES of his videos are similar to judging a book by it's cover.

To me, he doesnt come across as a narcissist or a psychopath at all, and I have known people with those traits.

He takes/took anti-depressents, but so do a lot of nice people. Doesnt mean they are bad people.

Personally, I am looking at what he ACTUALLY says (and the way he says it as well), and how he conducts himself. I also recognise other traits that he may or may not have, and SO FAR, he comes across as a relatively humble and honest bloke who says stuff that groups such as the "feminists" dont like, so they attack him.

Listen to what he ACTUALLY says. Or dont if you dont want to.
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