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Originally Posted by marlowe View Post
Well you and whoever wants to do that then, and I and whoever wants to can do the Savile ones.

No. This is the problem. Straight away we are talking about 'you' and 'you' and not us. (I know that's not what you are saying).

I don't want anyone to get the wrong idea here. This is why i waited a while to bring this to the table.

The last thing we want is people to get split into groups again.

We CAN work separately AND together, but we need to be on the same page and working to the same goals.

I don't want to go and do something else, and not something else etc

I want to get involved in everything. I'm going to do the quote flyers, the more the better.

Sorry. I really shouldn't have brought it up again today, while we are talking about this project.

It seems like there is dissension already.

Again, i know there isn't and that's not what you are saying or implying. It just may appear to others that this is happening.

This has the ability to cause as many issues as benefits if its not done right (we've seen it before), so we need to be sure we want to take it on?

So long as we are clear this isn't about you and us, but just us? this is for the aid of the whole team. This is not about groups, but cells of the same organism.

We need to be multi-pronged when on the attack. That means though there will be chances of the prongs getting tangled and cross wires.

I don't want to jump into anything potentially detrimental unless everybody is happy for it to go ahead?
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