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Although this thread and ones like it are generally thought of as relating to spirituality i actually think it has far more to do with modern science/physics. Most of the information above is backed up with scientific evidence.
The word spirituality comes into it as the part that we cant really explain about ourselves and reality. The bits that are 'unknown'.
We've all been conditioned for a long time to accept the laws of physics/science/genetics and the world that has manifested as a result of that and we are told 'that is all there is' but we are beginning to find out that there is actually far more but we have a hard time accepting it because its so far off our accepted version of reality and whats possible that we dismiss/ridicule/fear it. When something as widely uncertain as 'spirituality' and something so deeply ingrained as 'fact/truth/solid/certain' as science come together its extremely confusing, i believe the marriage of the two is leading the way to understanding more about the truth of why we are here.
This isnt just about belief or spirituality etc its based on facts, new scientific discoveries, and exploration of the nature of reality/genetics too....and so far that shows us that we actually play the primary role as participators in the creation of our universe.

"We are tiny patches of the Universe looking at itself and building itself."- John Wheeler, Physicist.

In a participatoy universe, the act of focusing our consciousness -of us looking somewhere and examining the world- is an act of creation and of itself.

Everywhere we look, our consciousness makes us something to look at.
Yes, absolutely and the best NEW book on this topic is Greg Brandon's
The Divine Matrix, ,who puts the latest scientific clothing on
the ideas that dave icke explores in Tales of the Time Loop.
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