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This can be one of the most important threads on this forum.

A place to put all the most up-to-date information on the nature of
conscious creation.

Eternal spirit's attitide is disappointing. He does great research
on important five-sense related topics- but has a terrible block
to any information that transcends this limited five-sense level.

This is NOT to negate the five-sense level.

This level is VITAL.

It is where we live, move and have our being.

But it is merely the 'effect'.

The energetic world of thoughts, feelings, beliefs and
fears is the causative level.

Eternal Spirit says they wouldn't lett his information out.

Of course not. That's why they always have the 'ridicule
lobby' always available - if such information is ever made

To laugh at, ridicule such ideas.

And it works.

Tell most people in the general public that they can shape
their own reality - and they will laugh at you.

Ask david Icke.

When he first talked about this idea in his first book - the
truth vibrations.

But the veil is lifting.

Their wall is beginning to crack.

'Lightworkers' from other times? - other dimensions?? are 'birthing'
(people like tinmenace, lottie) and anchoring this new understanding?

Things are changing.

Notice the difference in people's attitudes to dave icle in the
UK and Ireland now- compared to 1990.

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