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Well, apparently (and I have looked into this for a couple of years now), we live in a society of what are known as 'sigils'.
Sigils are a method of 'condensing' words/meanings into a symbol which directly affects the human mind/behaviour and actions through the subconscious mind. Many big companies use sigils as their emblems/company logos.
On a daily basis, our subconscious is constantly being fed sigils, through means of advertising/tv/posters etc. even walking down your local high street.
Check this video out at 21 minutes 25 seconds for information on sigils.

Check the same video out for barcode information at 23 minutes 25 seconds.

I bought the video last year, and it really did wake me up to what is going on regarding the so-called 'anti-christ' scenario and it's symbolic meaning and representation.

Regarding 616, I have heard about this number before, but I have not looked into it's meaning, although I think the number 13 represents (in freemasonic and gematria terms) the perfect number.

The bible (revelations) clearly states that the number is 666.

Whether the bible was in fact written for purely 100% control purposes, well, I guess we'll never know that.

When I see the phrase "anti-christ" I relate the word "christ" to the high vibrational energy which is currently increasing on earth and our solar system. We are supposed to be able to 'ascend' if we 'go with the flow' of this energy, in 2012.
That, to me, represents the christ energy (which many authors have written about including Barbara Hand Clow / Amorah Quan Yin etc).
So when I see the term 'anti-christ', I relate this term to any person/group of people who oppose this energy, or oppose mankinds ascension at this time.
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