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David Icke, in my opinion, is one of the few great researchers left. So many fell down the Trump hole and the majority are too stubborn to admit they were wrong - Jim Marrs springs to mind. So many other researchers have turned into "mainstream lite" as Icke puts it.

With the current state of the so called Independant media, if David was to pass on tomorrow, he would be extremely missed. However, the next few years are going to be huge in terms of the Cabal moving forward their agenda. I could be wrong here, but if humanity is ever going to take back control from the powers that be, then it will happen in the next decade. I'm pretty sure Icke will be around for it.

I'm a pessimist and I think we have lost. I don't get this consensus that people are waking up. The best we can hope for in the next decade is the powers that be deciding not to pursue their World War 3 plan but instead only microchip and enslave humanity in a transhumanism society.
Somewhere deep in the abyss of a conspiracy forum, a wise man once said..."Politics is for the sheeple".
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