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Originally Posted by kaito9 View Post
Everyone be David Icke in their own country/state/city, i think is a best way to continue his legacy.
What a great quote.

I still think there needs to be an overall successor to Icke that continues to go deeper into the rabbit hole and expose it to the masses just like Icke has done since he has gone from reptilians to saturn and the moon matrix to the holographic universe to transhumanism etc.

His mind is incredible.

When I first got into Icke's work, I had a huge problem with reptilians, and genuinely remember thinking Icke was mad.

Then years later I remember that when I was six years old (and way before I had ever heard of reptilians) , I was sharing a bed at night with my twin brother and he told me in the morning that in the middle of the night he stuck his hand out of the bed as the bed was so warm, and he felt another hand grab his hand.

Terrified, he immediately pulled his hand back and couldn't sleep the rest of the night.

When I asked him in the morning to describe the hand that grabbed his, he described it as 'scaly, lizard skin'... I have no doubt this was a reptilian encounter given these entities are attracted to children's energy.

I don't doubt Icke at all now!
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