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Originally Posted by ubervation View Post
I know its off your topic but one of the connections and ties i find odd with him was the Cunard thing.....
Why the fuck was he giving free cruises all year round?
I know sometimes cruise companies have celebrity speakers but that wasnt the case with that ****.
Everything about him is an anomaly
I posted in the main Savile thread about Maxwell Joseph. I thought it an odd coincidence that he owned or was involved at director level at various times, among other interest,

Dolphin Square. The apartment block mentioned in Scallywag.

Mecca - Savile was a regular at Mecca nightclubs.

Maxwell Joseph was a director of Cunard.

He was born in Whitechapel, home turf of the Krays.

He was a major player in business in the Thatcher era and received his knighthood during her tenure.

He had a passion for cigars.
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