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tax havens cont...

This clip was on zero hedge today of the dutch historian that went to Davos and said publically there that the problem the world had was the rich hoarding the wealth and not paying their taxes

Tucker carlson invited him to do a segment but the two fell out big style!

Now i think tucker says a lot of good things and digs into a lot of topics that some people don't want dissected but this dutch historian is doing the same thing. Carlson doesn't mount a good defence here and loses his cool but that doesn't mean all of his work should be dismissed.

On the other hand whenever i listen to tucker i always keep at the back of my mind that he is on a platform owned by arch zionist rupert murdoch

So here is the dutch historian challenging tucker saying that he and the fox channel are not doing enough to publicise this problem of tax havens. Clearly the dutch guy loves playing the role of trickster but we do need people asking difficult questions and that will always put some peoples backs up

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