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Originally Posted by white light View Post
From my own memories of childhood, children are curious about sex, find it funny, naughty, and it’s also wrapped up in romantic notions and expectations of adulthood. Children are not sexual beings in the same way that adults are though, and any misconstruence or exploitation of that by adults is not very healthy, in my opinion.
Not only unhealthy, but harmful to children, who are at risk of physical or psychological damage. Johnny Cash, your line of reasoning is naive and immature. The thoughts and fantasies of a child bear no resemblance to those of a sexually mature adult. The babysitter you had a crush on, was trusted by your parents and yourself as a stand-in carer. If she had shown a romantic interest in you, then she would have indeed been a paedophile. This statement: "A grown person who's in love with a child is not a pedophile" is dangerous nonsense.

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