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Fact 1

Real human child gets born

Fact 2

It gets sold to the industry of movie or music or both

Fact 3

It will experience all kind of mindcontrol and torture

Fact 4

It will go through the hole programming and terror and medical experiments

Fact 5

The child will get a genetic engineering that will modify and morph its human genetic system by a certain amount of time into a synthetic genetic system

Fact 6

They will copy this child many times because they know not all versions of it will survive the nightmare experiments and other events

Fact 7

The child, teen or grown person will get a programming that its a celebrity with a perfect life and this the person will believe because the person is in under permanently hypnosis, drugs and technological microchip manipulation

Fact 8

There are certain options to continue the experiments and create synthetic versions, cloned versions, organic robotoid versions of this person and a lot more things can happen to these persons you consider celebrities

Fact 9

The original inner self doesn´t exist anymore so the hole person is just a geneticly engineered body and its just doing what its programming tells it to do

Fact 10

They even are able to transform male into females and thats also the reason why pornindustry is suddenly full to the max with perfectly looking woman that got a penis

Fact 11

They get all these higher level celebrities from ritualistic events

Fact 12

The lower level celebrities are children from members of the illuminati

Fact 13

Everyone who is a member of the dark agency behind it is suffering from a split personality because they all belong to familys who do incest because they are possessed from to many ritualistic events

Fact 14

Illuminati members are different like normal people because they are sadistic and possessed and evil because dark entitys are controlling the mind of the hole family and the hole evolution of these familys are totally negative and absurd

Fact 15

You get born this way and you can´t get out of it because every member if the family gets a programming like a special soldier in a military academy on highest level

Fact 16

All celebrities are connected with higher level fathers from military or other government systems

Fact 17

Fact 17 is that there are endless more facts and it gets so complex to explain it that you wouldn´t believe it because its totally absurd and more different than you´re worst nightmare and thats the truth

Fact 18

Megan Fox and no other celebrity is allowed from their handlers access to internet

Fact 19

Everything that you see celebrities do is orchestrated and they smile not the most time happy without a reason because their natural reaction to their existence is so terrible negative that they just would cry all the time and show a suffering facial expression so their handlers programmed celebrities to smile and show that they are having a good time and its no coincidence that celebrities are amazing actors because its not a talent but a programming and these persons really think after their programming that they are the person they should play and imitate for a movie

Fact 20

You see their dissociation in their expression of their eyes because in most cases one eye will move not always like the right eye and this is a psychological symptom of a heavy dissociation

Fact 21

Its no coincident that all celebrities look extremly beautiful or like a drug victim

Fact 22

Models don´t get their job because of fashion but because the hole model industry is a escort industry for extremly rich business people in highest positions

Fact 23

The last model always on a fashion show is representing a highly occult symbolism

Fact 24

Everyone who works with models actually is not a designer but a handler of a extremly high position and all models will do anything what he tells them because they are highly compliant because of drugs and torture

Fact 25

Nicole Kidman doesn´t exist anymore

Fact 26

Avril Lavigne doesn´t exist anymore

Fact 27

And thousands of other celebrities also don´t exist anymore but they designed perfectly looking synthetic copys of them

Fact 28

Most storys about their family and childhood are just a made up story

Fact 29

The agency behind all this replacing concept of stars works together with entitys that you call reptilian aliens

Fact 30

Some stars are reptilian aliens and they can´t hold their human appearance constantly so you will see celebritys like the reptilian version of Christina Aguilera always looking totally different

Fact 31

One reptilian entity can transform into many different celebrities so you need to get aware of the fact that one reptilian could be 5 or more different celebritys and it may be true that thousand celebrities are actually just 30 reptilian entitys that are able to transform into other people
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