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Originally Posted by supertzar View Post
It's true. My daughter learned to communicate with signs waaay before she could speak. When she began speaking her abilities were exceptional. I spoke to her every night in the womb, too - right around the time she would wake up for the night. I would sing to her "Hellooo baby, it's your Daddy talking to you" and she would respond by moving around. I sang that same song to her after birth and I know she recognized it.
Ah; I can confirm that. I did exactly the same thing.

Also, our daughter knew who we were as soon as she opened her eyes.
She was born by caesarean section, so was separated from her mum for a while, but she calmed down at the sound of my voice singing 'that' song.
The look of pure, unconditional love and recognition of who I was is a priceless moment, etched on my soul.

Heavenly Peace.
tien an.
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