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Default Baby talks minutes after birth!

Baby starts talking minutes after being born - report

6 May, 01:46 PM

A newborn baby has started talking in the Russian city of Norilsk, amazing his parents and the obstetricians, who nevertheless claim pre-natal education can work miracles.

According to the website, the baby boy pronounced his first word right after he was born, distinctly saying: “Papa!”

In just a few minutes, newborn Stepan said: “Mama!”

The next day, when the boy’s mother was telling him that his dad was about to visit them at the hospital, he asked: “Who? Papa?”

The boy’s mother, Lisa Bazheyeva, is just 17 years old.

The obstetrician who helped her in labor confirms the proud mother’s report.

“I heard with my own ears that the newborn baby spoke!” said Doctor Marina Panova, adding she had never seen anything of the kind in the 23 years that she worked at the maternity clinic.

“Newborns just can’t pronounce syllables as complicated as that,” she said.

“The fetus can learn while still in the mother’s womb. If a mother talks to the fetus, entertains it as if it has been born already, the baby is usually born gifted,” Panova said.
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