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Originally Posted by vancity eagle View Post
Ha Trump will do no such thing.

He has promised "law and order" and more "stop and frisk"

He will continue the police was on black America.

Why hasn't Trump addressed the confederate flag waving racist white guy who killed 2 police recently ? If they were killed by so called "BLM activists" he would be getting arthritis from all of his tweets, and he'd be making news conferences.

Anyways Trump is a police state and unwarranted spying guy. He told us this already.
sure trump is an authoritarian

if trump was too radical the oligarchs would have shut him down; they believe they can manage him within the system box

as clinton said ominously today trump will have to learn about how things happen in the politicla world and how many of the things you say you want to do whilst campaigning will not be supported by many people in congress

so for example trump has gone WAY off script over vaccines by stating there is a link between vaccines and autism; but once he is in power will he fight big pharma? Will he change the vaccine programme for children? I won't hold my breath!

As i keep saying i don't think the solution will come with the politicians. i think it needs to come from decentralised solutions and from people taking personal responsibility

But to get to that state of consciousness people have to first lose faith in the system. This election cycle has destroyed peoples faith in the lying corporate media and that is a positive development. However they are still hoping switches from democrat to republican will change things and i think they will be dissapointed

However most people don't at this time want the kind of radical changes i want (yet). most just don't want to be destroyed economically and i think people felt that under obama they were being destroyed and they saw hilary as a continuation of that. I also think an economic crash is coming and i think that would come regardless of whether trump or clinton was in office. however now trump has got in he will get the blame for it

This doesn't mean i can't post a few ideas in this thread of what could be done if a president were actually motivated to do so! But lets give trump some credit though for saying things that would never issue from the lips of clinton:

when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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