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Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post can't blame trump for fiat currency! clinton was funded by the big banks

i'm saying that the 60's broke society down; society lost its cohesion and its ability to stand together against the authoritarians who then stole all the wealth

after world war 1 and 2 the el-ites were scared of the workers. they were scared of generations of battlehardened men who had military training and could overthrow them so they handled them with kid gloves and gave them concessions

the 60's generations were soft and eventually became the system themselves. The power and wealth shift went up a gear under the baby boomers
I was blaming Nixon, It was him that took us full off the gold standard and helped create the petro dollar and bloated the bond/slave markets...Which is why the people are screwed , nothing to do with hippies.

People were standing against the authorities possibly more in the 60s, they had an anti war movement and larger mobilisations against tptb than now..And were more active in dropping out and going off grid and getting spiritual...A kind of trend than never went away..
But hey ho , lets pray the spirit of peace and love doesnt go away...

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