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Lightbulb Spiders from Mars

Originally Posted by iamawaveofthesea View Post
Sure...control the flow of information into peoples minds and you build their perception of reality

I'm never eating space raiders ever again
Too True.."Who knows? In 1,000 years we could all be sitting on Mars eating Earth bars." – United Kingdom (A full page advertisement placed in the official Guide Book for the Millennium Dome in 2000)..Prime Minister Tony Blair is reported to have pressed ahead with building the Millennium Dome - despite the misgivings of cabinet ministers..Here have a mars bar insteed...

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Blair's wealth, including a London home, a country estate and numerous other properties, is estimated to come to £70m. The former PM has built up his fortune over the years as an official adviser to investment bank JP Morgan and Swiss-based global insurance giant Zurich International...It has been observed on several occasions that the price of a Mars bar correlates fairly accurately with the change in value of the pound sterling since World War II, much in the way that the Big Mac Index has proven to be a good indicator of the actual relative purchasing power of world currencies..Deep-fried Moro bars are also sold in New Zealand, where the brand is popular... the Homo sapiens were, in fact, homo sapiens, is that why they're extinct?..Joey, Homo sapiens are people..Hey, hey, I'm not judging!... Mars, gib Gas..Un coup de barre? Mars et ça repart!..Mars, momento di vero godimento"..Mars, geeft je energie.A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play...

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