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Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post
It kinda feels intuitively right that planets would be hollow, what with my, I mean, my socks, sticking to the walls of my tumble dryer and the fact that things that rotate on the atomic level are mostly empty space.

Big dense spinning balls of molten rock orbiting stars seems like the odd man out in comparison.

And the safest place to live in a solar system would be inside a planet, so it makes sense that the real rulers of this world would live there, and brainwash us dumb surface cattle with scientism baloney into believing such interior spaces don't even exist.
your right size ; its the safest place on a planet. living in side the planets. not the star system

i seen some the result of war on mars. the type weapons use on mars. plated rock shear an shader plates. from what i seen on mars. what ever they were attacked by. Was catastrophic. I'm thinking some kind of planet cracker. which dispersed the magma some how. once the planet cor is spread out. gravity changes its more spread out

meaning being underground would not of helped any one there. once the plates are cracked gravity takes over. n u probably see something like a supervolcano forming. shooting a part of the cor to space. which would been the point of such a weapon this statement dose not include catastrophic atmospheric ejection

This effect i have also see on Earth polar regions. which flat earther try to claim as prove. unfortunately i disagree base on the large ships around us. an how the appear with in our system. Which there seem be only 2 ways in.

The long road they use our suns gravity an just fly right in. physically like driving a car.

Or they just pop right beside the sun or earth or what ever terrestrial mass there heading to. The size of the ship would directly effect gravity by size of the ship. small ship almost no effects large ship much more dramatic effects. in fact we navigate in space using gravity to speed us up or slow us down

We see them draining huge strands of energy from the sun they start recharging. 100s x or 1000s x closer then we can get with our best satellites. in ships 1/3 the size of a sun

Gravity is big part of what there using to travel with it seem. an probably a weapons system as well. an if u look at the size of the ships. 1 could park between us. Earth an sun an block all light from reaching Earth. Effectively turning earth in to an ice cube. with in a week.

so when e look at mars. we understand quickly. these people have a tolerance point. You pass that point they kill every thing. n this what mars has taught me. they know every thing about us. an every thing that need to know about us.

There kids can watch the global genocide while we do noting

How to explain this think of a sponge i take small lead weight as .5 of a LB an 1 LB.

If i put that lead weight what is the effect The sponge compress's under the weight. n it compress's definitely based on that weight

Last time i seen this effect as when Nubir showed up for the 1st i had seen it.

The things that live under ground. they don't use the sun. they don't need the suns light. in fact to any thing underground. Light is painful.

Light would be extremely painful. I don't know if u notice all these E+T have big eye an there very black. adds to photosensitivity. when e look at the bottom of the sea n or in a cave an we look at the biological life we find large black eyes. Just like our E+T. for a bunch aliens. They sure have a lot earth like attributes.

The people down there. They don't want to know you. an as far as i can tell they hate us all. An with god dam good reason.

Me kaito9 i am not against the flat Earth ideology I understand how an who hid the information. an why it was hidden. I understand that the flat Earth is about map making in the physical world. an that this what they use to conceal the mythos of the flat Earth. in fact i gone out my way to try an explain it to you in another ways

The 1st is image is rich's beyond desire. heaven if u like.
the 2nd image tell of a 1 way path. men you are never coming back. ever. because of the megma prison Which is under the mountain. mean u never coming back
The 3rd is the lost legions that when before you. what who they found. I think death abouts cover it. eldorado
an of course the 4th what n who is actually there wait in the darkness.

Sky's now i can pull up my ICELAND imagery if u like a most physical point of view. of what down there waiting for us
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