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Originally Posted by kaito9 View Post
As above so below. Centrifugal force works the same from sphere of water all the way to planets.

And what if satellites don't orbit the geographic poles, only magnetic poles? And what if satellites don't take pictures of polar openings even if they got close enough? Since the owners of satellites will have to follow orders of military to keep it secret if they do take pictures of polar openings. Hollow earth theory has been heavily suppressed since Admiral Byrd flew into the polar openings twice. Read:

What if satellites don't exist? What if the moon is made of cheese? What if...? Why should satellites only orbit the magnetic poles? Who would gain from covering up (!) holes in the poles?

This is another pointless debate, akin to evidence for a flat Earth or the validity of Shaver Mystery. But I can't help myself...

Remember, some of the OSCAR satellites (Orbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio) have polar orbits. Not NASA operated, operated by AMSAT

Oh well, if you want photographic evidence of polar holes, this has been touted as classic evidence for decades - appearing in a book by Lord (B.LeP.Trench) Clancarty no less! So it must be genuine...

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