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Originally Posted by Firewand View Post
Oh I seriously doubt that somehow. That post of yours I quoted and where I posted my Captain Communist meme, was spoken like a true Communist.

Nobody is advocating for a predatory system. As iamwave quite correctly pointed out, it's about letting the brightest and best shine, for the betterment of mankind. And not so those at the top can prey on the less fortunate. A meritocracy, based on fairness. Not this one-size-fits-all Collectivist/Communistic rubbish, where everyone is supposedly all the same and equal. Or even worse, where increasingly all types of degenerate or harmful behavior is viewed as ''equal.''

It's actually you 'progressives'' with the Communistic mindset which is holding back true the progress and the true betterment of mankind. You're all to deeply submerged in your head banging ''progressive'' dogmatic mind set to be able to see it though.
Well, I see through (and I hope others do too) your attempt to paint me that way, as what I said has no mention whatsoever of any of those things. You introduce them. Otherwise they do not exist.


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