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^ it isn't 'anti-semitism' that is the problem that the elites want to squash chris!

It is not some sort of irrational hatred towards jews that the elites want to crush

what they want to crush is anyone questioning the actions of zionist actors whether in crimes against the palestinean people or in attempts to influence politics in western countries

they just call that 'anti-semitism' so that they can claim that they are fighting racism when in fact what they are fighting is legitimate dissent against injust actions!

It isn't about jewish people in general it is about the influence of powerful people

Jon lansman is now speaking about 'conspiracy theories' but what he means is people speaking about the influence of people like the rothschilds or george soros so are you really trying to tell me that those people are not exerting their influence in various ways?

Are you really trying to tell me that?

if not then stop trying to rebrand the questioning of the actions of those parties as 'anti-semitism' as if it is some sort of dislike of a people based on their ethnicity when ethnicity has NOTHING to do with it

Its a BS cover story for their real intentions which is to silence dissent. Call it out for what it is
when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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