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Well chris if your messiah corbyn is such a radical dude then explain to me why he constantly folds in the face of pressure from the establishment?

If the establishment wants us all tied into the corporate-fascist EU then why would corbyn be assisting them in achieving that?

if the establishment wants to silence any dissent of zionist activities including influence within british politics then why would corbyn fold in the face of that?

Could it be that corbyn is not the messiah you and many others hope for? Maybe the only true answer is for people to start exercising their own personal power and consumer power and voting with their feet in everything they do to actually then shape the world themselves into something better?

How do you not see a contradiction with corbyn wanting the same things as the blairites namely to keep britain in the EU (through a customs union) and the crushing of any questioning of the influence of jewish power? The jewish leader of momentum that is the power behind corbyn is clearly spearheading the push to crush any questioning of jewish power so if corbyn gets into power then that is clearly what we can expect under his regime along with complete subservience to the EU

And if we are subservient to jewish power and to the corporate-fascist EU how do you expect to pass any policy that could potentially challenge their power? When exactly do you make that stand if that is indeed what you are planning to do?

Chris Williamson: "It seems they're trapped in a New Labour time warp"

when the people in power want you dead, just existing is a revolutionary act

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