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Originally Posted by oz93666 View Post
You ,and some others on this thread have got the wrong idea .....

This forum is about exposing what's going on in the world....

We expose the influx of muslims into Europe and the US is a well coordinated plan to destroy western civilization ....does that make us 'islamophobes'?

We expose that most of the banking and political control of humanity is done by the jews .... does that make us 'anti-semetic'?

We expose top christians are child molesting lucifarians are we christian haters

Get over your simplistic view of the world ... we hate no one, and are about exposing the truth!

Sorry but there is no coordinated plan to destroy western civilization. That is an absurd idea put out by elite think tanks funded by billionaires. They do this to provoke the idea and sense tat there is a class of civilizations. This then promotes the zionist plan for WW3.

Samuel Huntington of the American Enterprise Institute is the author of such false narratives. Guys like Paul Weyrich of the Council for National Policy and Heritage Foundation also helps promote such ideas.

Then you have rightwing media owned by Knight of Malta Rupert Murdoch News Corp pushing the narrative through outlets like Fox News.

You are buying into the zionist game hook line and sinker.
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