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Originally Posted by tildatod View Post
I agree about fear giving way to action and initiative. I think that when an event is not imminent, we have time to indulge in fear and doubts. However, when an event suddenly happens, we act. I've been in situations where I surprised myself with my behaviour, and escaped from all danger.
yes exactly.

I think its our higher self being "allowed" to act without "ego" or what ever anyone choose to call it interferes.. just for a split second ego will let go knowing full well its not really capable of handeling things in an emergency. its like a dog that for some reason got to be the boss in the pack. its there for a reason but not to be in charge.

that does not mean imo that there is no place for it. but its possible to let go of the fear in ones life. it will mean almost if not all other issues you have will also go away.

Edit: By getting rid of fear to me that mean that one realize that you are the higher mind/sould and not the body or ego. so you know you are spirit and eternal and death is not to be feared. and If you do not fear death and leaving this physical experience you loose the fear. IMO of course
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