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I've had no shortage in the dream department my whole life but recently they are getting cranked up in intensity. There are a couple of factors probably influencing this. For one thing: to deal with a legal issue I have had to stop smoking herb for the first time in my adult life really. I mean I haven't smoked every. single. day. but might as well have! So for about 5-6 weeks now I haven't been high at all.

The other thing is I have been smoking a blend of tobacco and legal herbs, one of them being mugwort which is known to cause more frequent or more intense dreams. Definitely I have been experiencing both.

Last night in my dream I went to go hang-gliding in a homemade unit in a steep hilly place where I had done it before. In my dream I was remembering doing it in real life. I KNEW I had done it before and had the memory of the feeling and everything. Leaving my friends to climb the hills to find the perfect spot was so real. This is where it got more lucid because I began to question while in the dream state if it had indeed ever occurred. I knew I had done it but was asking myself "Well where and when have you ever done it in real life then?" Haha.

The glider had a partially busted tube that I detected before attempting to fly. I had a replacement part I had to drive to go get and when I got there I discovered someone I knew had died. Someone drove up and asked some question and I was too much in shock to answer properly. There was a suggestion of some kind of intrigue like maybe my glider had been sabotaged. Very, very intense and realistic dream.
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