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opposames it seems to us that they are rebeling against society and the oppression they see in it but if they are all parts of the same then it is just a game , after all lucifer rebeled did he not or so the story goes .What better way to stay on top of the game than by controlling all the players a bit like don king in boxing .After a ll why would you risk losing everything if it meant that much to you to keep it , divide and conquer oldest trick in the book and they wrote the book as well.Maybe these people start off genuinely trying to say something about the state of things but once the beast absorbs them they become a part of it power corrupts and all that .
Music is decidedly dodgey these days .What with the 7/7/7 global warming concert lets protest about the state of abuse of the planet by let me think i know staging a huge event worldwide to highlight it and erm using vast resources to promote it .Bono friend of governments etc tony blair the one time would be musician has us dancing to a different tune now .The list goes on its endless ,the devil has all the best tunes its said .If the ruling classes who control religion money and war etc claim to be doing gods work then surley the appeal of the other side would be very alluring lucifer as lightbringer , how long has the god programme been lying and presenting us with untruths and if these people are knowingly lying and turning the truths about god and the nature of reality on its head then is god truth and love and will we disappear up our own arses Question everything , love is the answer
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