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Default Is Madonna a Satanist ?

An interesting question. Madonna certainly plays around with esoteric themes , thats true.

1) In ' Desperately Seeking Susan ' Madonna wears a jacket with the Illuminati ' pyramid with eye ' motif on the back.

2) In the cartoon show ' The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy ' the Discordian goddess Eris is drawn as Madonna ( Episode : ' Complete and Utter Chaos ' )

3) The song ' Beautiful Stranger ' may be a secret hymn to Lucifer : ' I looked into your eyes /And my world came tumbling down /You're the devil in disguise /That's why I'm singing this song '. These lyrics may be meant literally , a love song to the Devil.

4) The song ' Justify My Love ' has a ' The Beast Within ' mix which quotes passages from the Book of Revelation ( The Beast Within = sexual penetration by the Devil or the Antichrist ).

5) Madonna is apparently a practicing Kabbalist - Kabbalism is a mystical religion with links to sorcery , the Golden Dawn and Freemasonry.

" Kabbalism is a system of Jewish mysticism and magic and is the foundational element in modern witchcraft. Virtually all of the great witches and sorcerers of this century were Kabbalists." -William J. Schnoebelen, The Dark Side of Freemasonry

6) The song ' Like a Prayer ' contains many blasphemous elements. At the beginning of the song a backwards message is played ' O hear our savior Satan ' , apparently this was featured on CNN. Madonna stands in front of burning crosses and appears to bring a statue of a black man to life by kissing him ( the Devil sometimes appeared as a black man in medieval witchcraft ) she then has sex with him on the altar. She cuts her hands with a knife and appears to manifest stigmata in a church , implying she is a female Messiah.
The plot of the video seems to show a black man rescuing a woman with dark hair from being raped , he is then wrongly imprisoned and arrested for her murder. The woman may represent Madonna ( who was raped in New York ) being symbolically dead but who is then saved by the Church of Satan ( Madonna wakes up from a sleep in the church later on in the video ).

7) Madonna again represented herself as a Christ-like figure , appearing on a silvery crucifix at a concert in Rome.

8) In the song ' Intervention ' Madonna sings " I know the road looks lonely/But that's just Satan's game/And either way my baby/We'll never be the same " - this song seems to refer to inducting her lover into the ways of the Devil , maybe ' the road ' is the left-hand path ?

9) In the video for ' What It Feels Like For a Girl ' Madonna is staying in a hotel room numbered 669 , as she leaves the last 6 swings down to make the hotel number 666. This maybe an oblique reference to The Eagles' song ' Hotel California ' a song which contains Satanic messages and seems to refer to the Church of Satan which was based in a former Hotel on California Street in LA. To emphasise this point , Madonna steals a red car with a giant eagle printed on the bonnet.

10) In the video for ' Human Nature ' Madonna appears in the middle of a 5-pointed star made of rope , around about 3.35 in the video. This is a ' blink and you'll miss it moment ' so is almost certainly intended to be a secret message :

Theres got to be a lot more out there , but all this seems to support the assertions about Madonna , that she has a Baphomet ring and appeared in a blood sacrifice video. She was also trying to get Britney Spears into Kabbalah before Britney went off the rails , seems a bit fishy to me.

Madonna's connection to the Disney Studios - the film ' Dick Tracy '.
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