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Lightbulb Eine kleine Nachtmusik


MOZART First Movement: Rondo. Allegro..

The serenade was completed in Vienna on 10 August 1787, around the time Mozart was working on the second act of his opera Don Giovanni..The work was not published until about 1827, long after Mozart's death, by Johann André in Offenbach am Main, the serenade is widely performed and recorded first movement is in a sonata-allegro form, and opens with an aScending Mannheim Rocket theme..

The Americans 2x04 Promo HD A Little Night Music..

The Americans, a period piece set during the Reagan administration..A former CIA officer..The series focuses on the personal and professional lives of the Jennings family—a married couple of two Soviet deep-cover agents placed in the Washington, D.C. area in the 1960s and their unsuspecting, American-born children..The story picks up in the early 80s..

Ludwig van Beethoven - String Quartet 13 in B Flat Major..

Was completed in November 1825, is actually Beethoven's 14th quartet in order of composition..It was premiered in March 1826 by the Schuppanzigh Quartet..On New Year's Eve 1815 the Count's palace burnt down, and the quartet was disbanded..Schuppanzigh left Vienna, and for several years was based in St Petersburg while making concert tours of Poland and Prussia..He returned in 1823 and reformed his string quartet, and dedicated to Nikolai on its publication in 1827..Galitzin was a Russian aristocrat, of the Galitzine family..Brother George received his bachelor's degree in Mathematics from Harvard University and PhD in Mathematics from Yale University, specializing in Algebraic Number Theory and serves at St. Nicholas Church in San Anselmo, California..Mr. Christian... want to talk, can we talk?..Well I'm the only one here..Yeah..Oh yeah?.OK..Well, you know the Phone booth you're calling from?..stand in front of the microphones and begin to speak...

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