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Originally Posted by the nine View Post
I cant see where the effect is added and taken looks seemless to me and my untrained eye DG

You autohoaxers are ruining the forum!
this is sarcasm, tongue in cheek, try not to get wound up by it, it was meant in good fun

If you look at the colour of the skies around each setting light source, then you will see the red spectrum which fades into blue as it pans across.
so where is the effect on and off points..I cant see them?
Of course you won't see it, because it will be added on an alpha channel, or transparent layer, probably using AE, or using similar composition software. Lots of kids muck about and create some pretty neat effects in the software. So beware of hoaxes.

You can get brilliant industry standard composition software like Nuke or Fusion 8 for free btw.

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