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Originally Posted by De Gothia View Post
Two Suns? Not likely, nine. Do you realise how easy it is to create such effects using a combination of photoshop, Adobe After Effects, or other Composition & Motion Graphics software?

Here's the original footage (below), which is obviously fake and shopped. The fake Sun is likely the one that comes in at 5 sec in the frame when the phone is turned around. You can see some gradient banding along the skyline, which is much more apparent when viewed from inside AE.

Btw, I encourage you to learn the basics of editing & motion graphics, which will serve you well and keep you in good stead with stuff like this, and will help train your eye in spotting video fakery.

Sunset effect.

I cant see where the effect is added and taken looks seemless to me and my untrained eye DG

You autohoaxers are ruining the forum!
this is sarcasm, tongue in cheek, try not to get wound up by it, it was meant in good fun

If you look at the colour of the skies around each setting light source, then you will see the red spectrum which fades into blue as it pans across.
so where is the effect on and off points..I cant see them?
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