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Originally Posted by fairyprincess View Post
Since there's so few people on this site right now, can I just say how much i have grown tired of crazy trans thread.

And I don't really reply to them, because their so ridiculous that I just don't have the energy for this shit.

I can't change the minds of any of the fools on these threads, and I really doesn't matter What crazy shit they believe.....
I hear ya.... but don't take this as a 'trans bashing' thread. For me it's more of a "lying to our faces in plain site" question. The most powerful puppet in the world and his boyfriend / husband / wife were thrust onto an unsuspecting world and TPTB are laughing their collective bollocks off at us. The further erosion of the sexes, of sex, of reproduction (natural not lab / inventions) and human beings was reinforced by the 'election' of these two clowns!!

On a personal note, democracy, voting, politics are all a load of shite designed (along with monetary systems, cash and credit) to make us look over there whilst the real action is over here.

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