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Arrow U35

Cruising the Med..

German U 31-class ..

Lesbian was a built as a cargo ship for the Ellerman Lines by W. Harkess & Sons of Middlesbrough..Little information is available about Lesbian's short career, but details about her final voyage suggest that she may have been employed in cargo service between India and the United Kingdom..At 16:15 on 5 January 1917, U-35 shelled and sank Lesbian east of Malta at position 35°48?N 17°6?E..Although complete details of U-35's attack on Lesbian are not reported in sources, von Arnauld de la Perière's typical method of attack was to open fire with his submarine's 4.1-inch (100 mm) deck gun from a distance of 6,000 yards (5,500 m) and close to 3,000 yards (2,700 m).. There he would wait until the crew had abandoned the ship in lifeboats and then shell the bow and stern of the ship until it sank - After World War I ended, U-35 was transferred to England and docked in Blyth from 1919 to 1920, then broken up..., it's okay..I'm here..You were scratching all knight.. I called the theater and I told them you weren't feeling well..Never mind, continue with the punishment!..This role's destroying U...
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