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The hunter hunted: American dentist who paid $55,000 to kill Africa's most famous lion goes into hiding and says he 'did nothing wrong' as Zimbabwe police demand to speak to him

Dr. Walter J Palmer, a dentist from Minnesota, killed the famed lion on or around July 6
Palmer admitted in a statement that he was responsible for the death of the lion but said he was unaware it was protected
The smiling hunter has previously been fined for lying over the location of where he killed a black bear in northern Wisconsin
Social media and Yelp accounts of Dr. Palmer's practice inundated with furious messages about the hunt
Cecil the Lion, 13, was wounded by an arrow before he was tracked, shot dead, skinned and beheaded as a hunting trophy
Chairman of Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force said anyone convicted of involvement in the illegal hunt could face up to 15 years in prison

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Jimmy Kimmel on the Killing of Cecil the Lion

Agonising last hours of an exhausted and horrifically maimed lion king and one man's deadly vanity that led to its trophy killing

Horrifically maimed by an arrow, Cecil managed to stay alive for 40 hours
Alpha male lion had been lured from a national park and shot by a hunter
American dentist Walter Palmer, 55, then followed animal's trail of blood
They finally caught up, where Cecil was shot dead and his head hacked off

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Another lion killer was director of Bank of England: As world reviles US game hunter, picture that shames a Tory donor and ex-BBC governor

Sir David Scholey posed by the bloodied corpse of a male lion in Zambia
The millionaire Tory donor defended the kill as an 'entirely personal matter'
Animal rights campaigners are calling on PM to strip him of his knighthood
Comes after US dentist went into hiding over the death of lion in Zimbabwe

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Guides who helped dentist kill Africa's most famous lion face poaching charges: Hunter and farmer appear in court in Zimbabwe amid growing international fury over death of beloved 'Cecil'

Dr Walter J Palmer, a dentist from Minneapolis, Minnesota, US, killed the famed lion on July 1 in Zimbabwe
His guides, professional hunter Theo Bronkhorst and local landowner Honest Ndlovu appeared in Harare court
Both were charged with poaching Cecil and court documents accuse Bronkhorst of failing to prevent an 'unlawful hunt'
Both were released on bail of $1,000 and no mention was made in court of Dr. Pamer being a suspect
Cecil the lion, 12, was lured out of the Hwange national park and wounded by an arrow before he was tracked, shot dead with a gun, skinned and beheaded as a hunting trophy
Dr Palmer admits he was responsible but said he was unaware it was protected and said he 'regrets' the killing

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R.I.P., Cecil #CecilTheLion—Celebrities React with Shock, Anger, Sadness

With the horrific news that Zimbabwe’s most famous and much-loved lion, Cecil, had been lured out of a national park to be killed for “sport,” social media exploded with shock and sadness. Even celebrities reached out to countless followers, to voice their disbelief:

Hunting industry told to clean up its act after protected lion killed in shock 'legal hunt'

Cape Town - An American hunter Walter Palmer, with a reported hunting felony history in the US, stands accused of illegally killing a protected lion in Zimbabwe.

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