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Originally Posted by The Tealady View Post
Tonight a girl came into our shop with a young cat that was lost. I don't care that its against the law. We didn't let it into the kitchen or anything risky like that. We were able to give her some food for it and the phone number of the council dog catcher so it can be reunited with the owner. The weather has been bad lately BUT it is July so those cute Christmas kittens will be being dumped.
I heard a saying once: "Help as many animals as you can. You might lose your mind but you'll find you're soul.

Originally Posted by huyi View Post
jesus christ, the chinese are ruthless and barbaric, what a disgrace, i feel sick looking at that site, i wish i could get a bamboo stick and beat them to death and chuck them in a cesspit and leave them to die.
+1 agreed.

Originally Posted by motleyhoo View Post
There's an old saying that you can tell if a people are good or not by how they treat their animals. We have a dismal track record unfortunately. And IMO, it is only getting worse.

If there was only 1 Bluefin Tuna left in the ocean it would be worth so much money that literally millions of people would be climbing all over each other trying to be the one who got to kill it. It all comes down to money and that's how most people really are in real life. The world right now is being driven by greed, vanity, and shallowness. All the new technology like smartphones that satiates people's desire for instant gratification only makes it worse. It's like people are being drugged and ungrounded until they no longer understand what's really important in life.

sadly yes. and there are some days I really feel like I've been cast in an annoying bit part of the movie "Invastion of the body snatchers" they way some act.
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