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Originally Posted by roman piso View Post
If no body can look upon the Face of God, how do you distinguish him, at least "Zeus" has a Face, and the Power of Thunder.

And the fact "Zeus" as the epithet of "Lord" (Kurios) and "Theos" (God), and his Romanized form "Iove" is pronounced "Yahweh" its YHWH.

Zeus as Jupiter is the Only God, at the time of Jesus with the epithet "God-Father of Father God", a name "Jesus" refereed for his God.

Jesus' Son of Zeus.
The thunderbolt is a symbol for Lucifer/Satan because when he fell from heaven he looked like a lightning bolt coming out of the sky. Satan is Zeus, and the other so called gods are just fallen angels who went with Lucifer but believe what you want. I don't expect to see God as a matter of fact I think it is best I not see him now. Romans killed christians, and if they believed the same thing they wouldn't have done this.
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