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I will sign it, like I and most my colleagues, friends and family have done with the road tax and war pettitions, but they are laughable.

I don't know why they even bother giving us a petition when they wont take a blind bit of notice.

We all need to start demonstrating in a big way, 3-4 million people decending on London and parliament, can't be ignored, but then again over 1 million did against the illegal Iraq war and they still went ahead looking for weapons of Mass DESTRACTION.

I was thinking the only real way they will take any notice of us people, is if everyone didn't go to work on an organised day. If the same 1.5 million people who signed the the road tax spying sat nav petition, didn't go to work for a few days the government/illuminati couldn't ignore it.

Where do you start organising something like that though?
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