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Just trying to help man... How are you going to stop all this stuff? Is that gear you bought helping? Just making you more scared in my view.

If you stop being scared you might actually be able to beat this.

Whether they exist is irrelevant. They can only hurt you if you believe in their power to do do and as far as I can see, you are allowing them to hurt you.

I gave you any number of suggestions and asked many questions of you that you haven't considered or answered. I'm trying to help you because I know where you are but you are content to remain a victim.

EM harrassment is only a possible reality.. You do not have to believe in it, just as you do not have to believe that you will be mugged at knife point... And you know the funny thing about the people who live in fear of being mugged at knife point? Guess what.. they get mugged at knife point.. While some people bounce through life seemingly immune from danger and violence.

Why is that I wonder? Why don't you read Infinite Love is the only truth..

You have a lot to learn about the nature of reality.

Sorry. I wish you well but leave this victim stuff behind. How is it helping? Be active not passive. You should make the moves.. They need to fear you. You don't need to fear them.. What have you ever done wrong?

Stop being afraid... it's an illusion.. It's ALL an illusion...
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