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Remember this reality is all in your head. Change what's in your head and you will change what goes on outside.

Who am I?

Former experiencer of mind control and illuminati inductee, I was totally lost to the subtle suggestions of the unseen world ( I was way out there man surfing the apocalypse)... until one thing made me break trully free from the TV talking to me, from the birds screaming at me, from the strange business men who always seemed to 'know me'... from the fear that the world was ending because of the demons that were riding my shirt tails... one thing broke me free and that was a Radiohead song..

When I heard Tom Yorke shout the words:

"You do it to yourself, yourself and that's what really hurts.."

That broke the spell that was holding me. I realised this was the real truth. It was all in my head. I was creating it. I was right were you were now... , the whole thing was just acquired beliefs that I had created a terrifying reality out of it.. Many people have a similar experience (I'm actually sharing 'illumination notes with a cool guy on this forum at the mo..).

The reason is because the media (and the alternative media) put ideas out there into people's heads which actually take on a really existence as soon as you believe it. If you don't see it it really isn't there.

Just try to forget all this mobile phone tetra mast stuff Decla, you can do without it... if you can actually cease to believe in it it WILL go away... Just don't feed it anymore.. I've been there. there is an alternative way to live...

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