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Default its tech

my e.l.f detector pic them up this help in 2 ways it proved I could detect them wich they lied about and they turn it down so my detector does not pic them up. Sometimes when under haivie attack they turn it up then I scan with detector.
They are always trying to break my will and blame me, gave me no hope, no one will belive you, its hopeless, you will have to do what I say, leave hear,try to panic me hurry up.
they also try and turn my thoughts against me.
They can suck your memmorys e.g bad experances, passwords, any sort of detail In fact the more you try and hide something the easier its for them to pic it up....
to sum it up they are trying to drive my mad or suicide none of wich I am goning do...
I just got my body voltage kit and I have a high reading on it
they block you cortex and bombard you when you a trying to learn about mc electronic harassment this also screws your vison and abilty to make sense of what you are learning.
plus as I said before I do belive they can cause me to have a hart attack
they do shock my hart now and then ...they just have
so I don`t want to be a threat to them

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