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My personal belief is that illumination plugs you into a joint reality collective where fellow members can read each others' minds, and find their thoughts converging along the same lines. Their individual acts seem to be like instruments in an enormous orchestra... Who's conducting.. now that I couldn't tell you.... It could simply be the person with the most will power who with their thoughts 'navigates' a course through an artificial reality for all the brothers. This explains my personal experiences of being stalked around and bumping into people totally at random like two business suited fellows who turned around to me and shouted to me 'You can trust us!"... I used to get loads of weird stuff like that. Also how certain people seem to recognise something of the illumination in me and I them.... I can spot a mason soo easily... It's almost like smelling them..

I don't know... and this isn't new.. not at all... If there was some way you could test your theory one way or the other Deco.. to find if the cause is aliens your own infinite consciousness or indeed tech.. You have all those gizmos for a start... do they do anything....

What if you were to go somewhere underground... like a chruch crypt or something.. or go the mountains... there'd be no coverage there..
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