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Originally Posted by davebeard View Post
well I'm biased towards the fact that the film looks fake because it does,
No it doesn't....besides how the hell would you know what it should look like on the moon. Your opinion is just that.

How can anyone answer something like that? You say it's weird.....well it's on the moon and looks like it.

the flag is made from material but its not even moving.. ?
Haha....what!? You say the flag is NOT moving?? Yes it is.

whats the reason for that?
Bad eyesight? Poor observation?

also the top is perfectly flat and it doesnt move at all..
this is not bias, anyone could see it looks weird...
The flag has a cross support bar on the top. You aren't the spokesperson for "anyone". It doesn't look weird. looks like it is in lunar gravity and a vacuum.

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