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Originally Posted by fairyprincess View Post

i have a theory a while back. Let me try to remember it.....

If you draw a square on a piece of paper. You may think you've drawn a two dimensional shape, but you havent. The graphite in the pencil isn't 2d, and nor is the paper you've drawn it on.

So, a person can conceive of a 2d thing. But never truly represent it in 3d space.

What if all things you can imagine, but cannot replicate in the 3d world is 2d. What if the first or second dimension is the imagination......
Originally Posted by size_of_light View Post

Good thinking!

And, by extension, our 3D world would be the imagination of 4D minds.
You just gave me a (not fully fleshed out) thought...

If the 2D world only truly exists in the imagination, or the abstractions, of 3D minds, and the sole purpose for it's creation is to provide a source of inspiration and understanding, i.e. an informational power source, for the 3D world (mathematics, geometry etc.). then...

...doesn't it logically follow that the 3D world is, in some sense, a lower-dimensional 'abstract' creation of 4D minds, created to provide a source of inspiration, understanding and 'power' to minds in that dimension?

Food for thought.

Or should that be: Thought for food ?

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