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You Might have heard the MP's have halted smartmeter implementaion for now, David Icke posted a vid on this (

With respect this is a sham, not the guy's who gave the presentation but the dirty MP's response. It has not been stopped, thousands of warrants are being applied for by energy companies and rubber stamped each week in courts in the UK for forcible entry and installation of pre-payment ho! ho! ho! smart meters.


All the uk energy companies have been deliberately undercharging for a period of time using estimates and then hitting the unaware consumer with a large bill they cannot pay. They then aggressively pursue a warrant of entry to install the pre-payment/Smart meter. If there is debt there is no defence.

They are close to achieving what they call 'foundation' that is, enough installed meters to turn on the smart grid.

The poor are being targeted to have these installed by state sponsored force. The debt help sites are groaning with these people.

These meters are modular, the really nasty technologies will be added later in waves, the WAN (Wide Area Network) module that connects to datacomsco the state owned company that hides behind the energy companies that give the consumer the facade of choice, the HAN (Home Area Network) module that will spy on the occupant AND THEIR NEIGHBOURS.

People are still barely talking about what will come with this evil meter, the telemedicine (look it up) the infrared scanner, water meter added, your bank account eventually on it, auto charges/ taxes applied to it by councils and government, punishment for non-payment by energy subsistance (only essential appliances will be allowed to function determined by datcommsco), Plugs supplied to allow older appliances in your home to be added to the smart grid with video and audio monitoring in-built.

A psychpaths wet dream, they will know who is in your home, what food they take out of the fridge, when they go to the toilet, when they have sex, how long they shower, all of it, and this is the REAL reason for carbon credits, the smart grid will audit the minutia of your lives and bill you for it.

It's not a smart grid, its a slave grid and has nothing to do with saving energy.

Dont believe me? It's all in the OFGEM smart grid implementation docs and the Rowntree foundation papers but it'll take about three days to read them!!

Cant understand why almost no one is talking about this aspect of it, the Deadly health issue is just the beginning............better get up to speed folks.

Incidentally, I believe if you place a neodymium n42 magnet on the wall in your home opposite the smart meter it will probably bind the vile electromagnetics to it blinding it and nullifying its nasty health effects. Hope someone can try this out.....
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