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Lightbulb The Different Aspects of One-Dimensional Time(47)

The different aspects of the one-dimension of time47

There are 7 aspects of 'regular time': (1) past, (2) present, (3) future, (4) the beginning - Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago, (5) the end - black holes and this universe's final entropy (?), (6) the void: beyond the boundary/horizon of an expanding universe, & (7) a constant: the speed of light.

In addition, there are also 4 aspects of time travel or 'hypertime': (1) fast forward/time dilation: moving clocks run slower than stationary clocks and clocks run faster in less gravity. (2) reverse or faster than light: tachyons, torsion waves, information through quantum entanglement, thought through quantum non-locality, and even space itself under certain conditions. (3) stop time: photons and all electronic waves traveling at the speed of light are in a domain where time47 stops74 in that reference point74, and as the horizon of a black hole is approached, time slows down relative to that of distant observers - stopping completely on the horizon. And (4) before the beginning and after the end: this universe had a birth and may have a death, yet, it is but one of the infinite non-parallel universes in 'The Conglomerate' or multiverse (supermassive black holes Big Bang [supermassive white holes] into new universes).

G7od4 is eternal and eternity is ALL of time: 7 aspects of regular time + 4 aspects of hypertime. When this is coupled with M-theory's 6 or 7 dimensions of hyperspace + 4 common dimensions, we have unified string (u21s19) theory.

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