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Originally Posted by elshaper View Post
It's all concrete jungle in London.
If you can find a copy of this book and why the Birds in London diminished dramatically after 1970, which is when unleaded full was first introduced.

My copy

click image upload

First it was the birds that declined here in London and now the bees are under attack.

Who next.

Shortly before and during the slow and planned collapse of the Roman Empire there were large movements of people into what we're once highly controlled areas and with them came disease and large deaths of the population due to yellow plague.

I'm going out on a whim here but this is what I think the elite have been planning for quite some years and it will be a mass die off in the cities themselves and why the UN''s Agenda 21 model needs to get as many into cities as possible to contain the epidemics that they will release and blame it on the immigrants.

We have all seen the films like Patriot and the others of a similar ilk.

Know what I mean.

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