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Default Reflections on David Icke

Reflections on David Icke
The Mechanics of the Matrix

What has always set David apart from the other researchers - and I am grateful to all of them - however, somehow David's wonderfully comprehensive mind was able to grok the entire spectrum, meaning all the layers of the temporal illusory holographic universe even in the early stages of his journey. He understood all the levels from the highest to the demonic, meaning:

The Oneness, God-Consciousness, the God-within us that simultaneously permeates All.
There is nothing that is not Consciousness.

The Myriad Realms: All the countless dimensional worlds - the Seers, Buddhas, & Saints, the Angelic, the Nature Spirits, the so-called ETs, i.e. the Anunnaki (good & bad) and Reptoid types, as well as all the beings living in other dimensions in other forms in the universe, and various flat-out demonic forces (which are part of any polarity universe).

The everyday visible external material world - which is not Real at all: political (tyrants), economic (banisters), blood line (occult) control structures.

David has been brilliant in his descriptions of these, especially in his ability to connect the invisible-to-most Myriad Realms with the complex convoluted obfuscate tyrannical systems that have kept us locked in the Matrix for the last 6000 years.

With his relentless and adamantine courage he has been revealing the Matrix to thousands of us who are ready to hear and set ourselves free. I am in awe of his heroic energy and courage. He is fearless and tireless in his pursuit of Truth - and yet he never lets us forget that underneath this bewildering array of lies and subterfuge, there is nothing but CONSCIOUSNESS. This is in harmony with all Primordial Metaphysics and the timeless ancient Sanskrit texts.

David has worked out a user's manual on the Mechanics of the Matrix in this moment of this Cycle of Time, the Age of Conflict and Confusion, the Kali Yuga and offered us understanding, wisdom, and freedom.

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