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Default We are Consciousness!

David Icke:
Most people think that we live in a physical world, and I grant you that certainly APPEARS to be the case. But it's not, because we don't. There is no 'physical'. It's all an illusion. We are infinite eternal Consciousness having an experience in a tiny range of frequencies that we call the physical world', but that isn't. We are not … our current experience; they are not who we are. We are Consciousness - infinite, eternal Awareness.
- excerpt from 'Remember Who You Are', Ch.2, p.25

Consciousness shines in various external and internal forms. 
There is no existence of objects apart from consciousness. 
Therefore the world is simply a form of consciousness.
- Kalikakrama, as quoted in the Shiva Sutras translated by Jaideva Singh

This whole universe has come into existence just to carry you to God consciousness.  
- Swami Lakshmanjoo, Kashmir Saint, The Shiva Sutras

The man of yoga, knowing the truth, knows that while seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, eating, walking, sleeping, breathing, speaking, eliminating, grasping, opening and closing his eyes, he does in fact nothing, as he realizes that it is only the senses operating on their subjects.
- The Bhagavad Gita V.8-9

Maya is like a dream or the jugglery of a conjuror. It pulls and stretches the world …
- Brahma Purana 127.20

All things that appear as multiplicity,
Not simply on this earth,
But even those that seem to belong
To the heavenly spheres –
All are as unreal
As the objects seen by the dreamer
In a dream.
- The Uddhava Gita, Dialogue 8, Verse 31

“By preserving thoughtlessness…one enters into that transcendental consciousness where he finds that this whole universe has come out of sentences and sentences from words and words from letters and letters from the real ‘I’ which is Parama (highest) Shiva [the Oneness in Kashmir Shaivism]. …this whole universe is reflected in his own consciousness…from within rather than from without [Lakshmanjoo].”

The idea that our universe is created from within us is very old in Sanskrit metaphysics. Samkhya, perhaps the most ancient system, says that the universe is made up of consciousness and energy organizing, woven together into the solidification of matter. Each of us is generating our individual hologram moment-to-moment by our own thoughts. Everything that happens to you, you do to yourself; no one is to blame, no one but you is responsible for your life.

Yoga means ‘union’ and union with the Oneness is achieved through knowledge – by a deep love for that knowledge of God. When you study the mechanics of the Matrix you are reading the manual of how you created all this!

When you arrive in God consciousness, you understand that “even though this whole universe has been created, the nature of His Self, which is full of consciousness and bliss, has not been lessened at all. Nothing has happened. He is only residing in His own point [Lakshmanjoo].”

Nothing has happened. You always are that which you have sought. You were never anything other than the One.

The Objects of the Senses: There is No ‘out there’ out there!
Why does our temporal illusory holographic world of multiplicities appear so solid, dense, and real to us?
Notions of heat and cold, pain and pleasure arise only from contact of the senses with their objects – they are impermanent.
- Bhagavad Gita II.14
The endless polarities we all experience throughout our lives are entirely brought about by the transmission of signals to the brain via the five senses.
Our sense organs (sight, smell, taste, touch, hearing) are individually preconditioned by previous data and experiences from many lifetimes, throughout the Four Cycles of Time in this and other Manvantaras. Our own unique previous responses to such transmitted data can be defined as ‘actions’ that leave behind a tendency or impression in the subconscious mind.
How we perceive the temporal illusory holographic world, and thus our character, is the sum accumulation of these acquired tendencies. If it often seems to you that everyone is living in a world of their own – in fact, THEY ARE! Perception is reality.
As these signals enter our brain they relay information on the particular waveforms received and our brain then arranges these signals into our illusory perception of them as ‘solid’ objects.
Once these signals are perceived and identified by the brain, they are then translated, judged, and classified as belonging to one category of a polarity or another – meaning good/bad, desirable/undesirable, hot/cold, etc.
These translations, judgments, and classifications are wholly arbitrary and based solely on the current consciousness of the person receiving them at the moment the particular signals are received. One man’s delight is another’s misery.
These material sensations are impermanent. What is desirable in one moment quickly becomes undesirable in the next. This is the nature of a polarity universe. We created the world to enjoy it, but not to become stuck in our creation, trapped by our desires for all eternity. In fact the original meaning of ‘sin’ in the ancient Sanskrit texts is attachment.
Why would an eternal being who has the power to continually create everything want to remain stuck, trapped in, and attached to Its own self-created temporal material sensations of illusory objects, which in reality are only electromagnetic signals transmitted to and translated by the brain.
The world is in your brain. There is no ‘out there’ --- out there, meaning the external hologram is illusory, as well as temporal.
These material sensations are impermanent and have no direct contact with the eternal Soul-ATMAN. When you release your consciousness from all attachment to the temporal illusions produced by the contact of the senses on their objects, you open the Door to lasting Freedom.
This condition of non-attachment and the recognition of the mechanics of MAYA’s power to create illusion can only be achieved through self-mastery, total commitment, and watchfulness - and will invoke from the God within your Heart the very necessary revealed Grace-ANUGRAHA. There is no Knowledge without Grace and there can be no Grace without Knowledge. On the Razor’s Edge Path to Liberation-MOKSHA, Grace and Knowledge constantly interplay, entwined in Love in an ongoing exchange in the nectar sweet dance Home.
Become One with the ONE, and you become everything. You literally permeate every universe - that is why Divine Love is the ultimate Freedom.
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