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Default Your data-collecting vehicle

The Illusory Holographic Sphere
The energetic source of the illusory holographic matrix is a sphere composed of, and somewhat containing, each human consciousness. The basic ‘map’ of this sphere can be described through the astrological birth chart, by the degrees of its planetary aspects, the inter-actively connected points, which are based on the planet’s position in the various constellations at the precise moment of each birth.
This temporal illusory spherical map is never static, but in fact is constantly shifting and changing its energetic relationships. Moving though [illusory] time from the moment of birth, this holographic sphere serves as the individual human’s data-collecting vehicle and interacts with perpetual celestial motion, the other surrounding holograms, and the discretely unique, always shifting, frequency levels of its own evolutionary consciousness.
This illusory holographic sphere can be described as a ‘data-collecting vehicle’, because through it, your SELF (ATMA) - the God-within you, who is you - has selected to currently manifest and explore ITs possibilities.
It is conditioned by three primordial qualities, which are forever seeking equilibrium and thus, in perpetuity, constantly shifting in relation to one another. These three primordial qualities are called the GUNAS in Sanskrit. The word GUNA is very interesting because it means ‘cord’ - as in what binds. These GUNAS are what ‘bind’ us all into the illusory hologram. Etymologically the term GUNA applies to the idea of the tension in a bowstring - implying the physics of tension, which produces action.
In astrology these three GUNAS are: cardinal (rajas), mutable (sattva) and fixed (tamas). Your birth chart contains varying quantities of these three, which determine your current, in this lifetime, personality and character - relative to your consciousness. Everything is Consciousness.

The three gunas are distributed throughout all the degrees of the entire range of Universal Existence. In other words, the various relationships of these qualities, the gunas, exist in all the dimensional realms from angelic to demonic. All beings in the multi-dimensional manifest universe are subject to the gunas.
Permeating the three gunas are the five elements: ether (AKASHA), air (VAYU), fire (TEJAS), water (AP), earth (PRITHIVI).
Ether as the omnipresent, highest and most subtle element dominates all the other elements, and simultaneously envelops and penetrates them.
The remaining four elements can easily be distinguished in the astrological signs, which symbolized the collective energies of the constellations, for example: Taurus is Earth, Cancer water, etc. These four elements also correlate to the five senses: air to touch, fire to sight, water to taste, earth to smell.
The electro-magnetic emissions within this interactive spherical hologram are interpreted by the five senses as the ‘real world’, as ‘matter’. There is no word for matter in Sanskrit. Through the creative powers of MAYA (Matrix Illusion), these limited sensory interpretations of electrical signals are mistaken for ultimate reality and the Real you – when in fact they are only temporal illusions (MAYA) interacting with the small identity ego-self, which is nothing more than a projection of the God-within you, the eternal, big real SELF, the ATMA in Sanskrit.
Once you realize and accept the idea that everything you perceive through your five senses is nothing more - however wondrous and amusing - than electro-magnetic emissional pulsations (SPANDA), you lift the Veil that had deluded your consciousness and begin to liberate yourself from these very subtle and carefully constructed modes, the instruments and mechanics of Matrix consciousness, which have allowed you to play in the frequencies of this third dimensional illusory realm, a.k.a. Life in human form on planet Earth.
This of course assumes that you are weary playing here in the Twilight of the Kali Yuga and Liberation (JIVANMUKTI) is something you want.
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