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Originally Posted by jake_ball View Post
They wont ever expose the politicians though in these documentaries.
The nearest I've seen to a politician being exposed was on a documentary from about the same time (possibly. My memory's not what it used to be. I've "remembered" stuff that "happened" in 1996, then found out it happened 10 years later. I digress).

The reporter was interviewing two teenaged boys on Westminster Bridge, (faces obscured) who said that a middle aged , "posh" man offered them money for sex.

They robbed him, took his briefcase and found documents that identified him as **** ******** ******** MP (name bleeped out).

Apparently the police caught them with the briefcase, and took it back, but they weren't charged (the "victim" didn't want to press them)

The "victim" was a "Lord" or "Sir", this much was allowed to be known.

I wish I knew when this was made, what it was called, etc, so I could find a link or copy.
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