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Originally Posted by karen3 View Post
Indeed. This Elenin nonsense is raising the delusional fear-mongering to the level of high art.
Anybody fancy a competition to start the stupidest Doom Porn? I only ask because I overheard some trees, the other day, and they were talking about Triffids. Apparently, they've been waiting patiently for their moment to rise up and destroy humanity. They are shapeshifters and most commonly take the form of Himalayan Balsam, Japanese Wort and Rhododendron (do you see how long this conspiracy has been going on?!!!). The elite have known about them for decades, which is why they are always trying to keep them under control. When the time comes for the Triffids to make their move, they will all emit a special spore, which will blind our eyes for approximately three days, allowing them to conquer us without the risk of us using our flamethrowers and DDT sprays to good effect. John Wyndham was an Illuminati insider, just like George Orwell. That's evident from the fact that they were both authors whose work was in the school syllabus in the 1960's!!!!! Count those exclamation points, people! 5! This is serious! Getting us to look at the skies is just to distract us from seeing what's going on all around us. The Day of the Triffids is nigh.

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